Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Herald does not let one internal memo pass

Fragrances banned at BSO internal affairs

The Herald has informed us that you can’t wear fragrances if you work at the Broward Sheriff’s Office. This is incredibly important, because I’m not going to apply at a place, no matter how many unnecessary extras you put on my health plan, if I can’t smell like wormwood.


Who’s going to want to impress the ladies with their drug-planting skills, if you can’t do anything with them, later? I’m not going to tell them we should hang out in my off-hours, where I can spray something other than of the pepper variey. No, I’m a fucking Broward Sheriff. I’ll get busy in the middle of a routine traffic stop for all I care.

So, the Miami-Dade Sheriff’s office is getting one more job application. Look out for it – it’ll smell like straight up herb.1

1of the genus Artemisia

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