Saturday, July 16, 2011

Profile: South Florida's Newest Mogul

Meet Jon Zobel: a young sneaker head so successful that someone on the Herald staff decided that he required an article in Tropical Life. Zobel first rose to prominence in the sneaker head game in November 2010 when he turned the $500 that he made from his Bar Mitzvah into $2000 by flipping sneakers. #lchaimswag

What's amazing about Jon Zobel is the dedication that he shows to his craft: He spends hours every day cleaning shoes that never leave the room they're stored in. When he does don a pair he walks heel-to-toe so nothing but the bottom of the sole touches the ground. He's so dedicated that his mother says he gives 250% into everything he does. Not 100%, not 110%, not even 150%...250%.

This lead us at Best of the Herald to believe that there might be something a little off about this kid. Something that reminds us a lot of Asperger Syndrome.

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