Saturday, May 8, 2010

Save the plastic bag

Reusable bags taking over shopping landscape

This is the best lead line that the Miami Herald could come up with for this article:

The single-use plastic bag could be an endangered shopping species.

It seems like good headlines are practically extinct at the Herald

Silly acronyms are abundant and wild, though, in the minds of our paper's writers:

The thin plastic bag with handles -- known in the industry as the T-shirt bag -- is under pressure from municipal bag bans and a growing number of retailers who are encouraging shoppers to BYOB -- bring your own bag.

Even better are the quotes from the shadow group that is trying to keep plastic bags from going the way of fossils:

An organization that represents plastic bag makers argues, however, that the future of plastic bags will be one of rebirth and recycling, not R.I.P.
``Reports of the death of the plastic bag are greatly exaggerated,'' said Shari Jackson, director of the Progressive Bag Affiliates, an association representing the major U.S. makers of plastic bags and plastic-bag recyclers.

I've learned from reading this article, that plastic bags are great for lots of things. For example, suffocating yourself after reading a Herald article.

Here, try it yourself!:

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